Sean Ellis - Chicago Booth MBA, Class of 2020

Sean Ellis - Chicago Booth MBA, Class of 2020

Intern Spotlight: Sean Ellis

Sean is pursuing his MBA at Chicago Booth focused on Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Strategic Management and expects to graduate in 2020. He graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Supply Chain Management and Finance. Sean calls Boston home but relocated to Chicago this summer to intern with NGP.  When he wasn’t in the office or in class, Sean enjoyed runs on the Lakefront trail and exploring summer festivities across the city.

“Sean was an incredible asset to our team this summer. We benefited from his experiences and fresh perspectives, and his willingness to roll up his sleeves to get any job done. Sean’s involvement in every stage of the deal process helped in his career decision—and in turn, greatly supported us in advancing on many interesting opportunities.” - Drew Daum, EIR

Tell us about some of the work you’ve done this summer.

I partnered with an NGP EIR to help manage the deal pipeline, assist with formal transaction activities, and learn the skills an EIR needs to pursue and close a transaction.  More specifically, I helped my EIR turn numerous CIMs into a handful of LOIs over a 10-week period.  There were multiple intermediate steps in this process. However, due to the volume, each step required a sense of urgency and focus.  I also worked with NGP undergrad interns to help them create structure and think critically about the deals/work they were managing.

What you have you most enjoyed?

I really felt like a partner with my EIR.  I delivered value on in-demand and time-sensitive activities, making me feel like my work actually had impact and brought my EIR closer to his goals.  We worked in an agile way with a short feedback loop that allowed us to prioritize and pivot to the most critical tasks. I definitely felt like I worked on some of the highest priority items on my EIR’s plate.

Any skills you’ve gained or unique takeaways?

Multiple. NGP was a great place to apply classroom concepts from Booth.  Where classes may allow you to apply a concept a handful of times, I was able to evaluate the economics of dozens of opportunities.  Furthermore, I was able to simulate EIR life applying my own recipe to the process receiving feedback along the way.   This was invaluable as I think about next steps in the ETA space.

What are your next steps?

I’m heading back to Boston to enjoy a break before school starts up at the End of September.  I’m looking forward to the Booth-Kellogg ETA Conference in November and Brian O’Connor's ETA class at Booth during the Winter quarter.  In the meantime, I’ll keep close tabs on my EIR and identify opportunities to round out my skill set as I look to become a business leader.