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Generating growth, together.

We’ve created an ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to acquire great companies that are poised for growth and will undoubtedly thrive for generations to come.

How it all started.

NextGen Growth Partners was founded in Chicago in 2016 on the belief that there is tremendous potential to unlock value in small businesses.

Our team knew there was a better, more efficient way to acquire and grow small businesses and that’s where our process was born. Early on, the firm was capitalized by initial investors and advisors who provided much more than capital—they offered their networks, expertise, and invaluable guidance, which has become the foundation for our investor base today. Today, we continue to maintain deep ties to the Booth and Kellogg communities and alumni bases in Chicago and prioritize partnering with the city’s best and brightest business leaders.


The basis of every partnership at NextGen is simple—your success is our success. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a business owner looking to sell your business, or an investor looking to partner with us, we’re dedicated to building solid, long-term relationships. Our guiding principle is to treat one another with kindness, respect, empathy, and patience within every partnership.

Intellectual curiosity, growth, and progress are in our DNA. As a team, we’re constantly learning from our peers, esteemed community of advisors, and other inspired thinkers around the world. Our collective curiosity catalyzes action, exploration, and trying new things. We prioritize always keeping an open mind, never taking ourselves too seriously, and leaving room to continuously improve.

When it comes to the status quo we believe there’s always more to achieve. As a team, we understand that success can only be attained through hard work and an openness to change, and to achieve greatness, there must be a willingness to adapt and evolve. Together we thrive when we’re looking forward, innovating, and piloting new approaches.

We love what we do. Our team has energy, drive, and a tenacious attitude that helps us achieve great results. Accountability is more than doing your job well, it’s an obligation to strive for excellence and uplift others along the way. At NextGen, clarity of expectations, candid and open lines of communication, measured progress, and routine feedback serve as our blueprint for accountability and owner mindset at every level of our organization.

You can put your trust in us. In order to build strong, successful relationships we believe integrity must always be present. Within every single partnership, we remain reliable and trustworthy every step of the way. You can count on the NextGen team to do things the right way, every time—no matter what.

Meet the people that make it all happen.

We don’t just invest in businesses. We invest in people that we believe in. Our model works because our team is made of passionate, talented, experienced individuals working together.

Meet our team ⟶

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