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Our Portfolio Operations Function.

NextGen Growth Partners’ Portfolio Operations has four primary goals:

  1. Ensure a smooth post-close transition for new investments.
  2. Work with management to create a value creation plan, which dictates the critical initiatives needed to achieve investment thesis.
  3. Solve challenging problems that arise at our portfolio companies.
  4. Capture and share insights from across our portfolio, unlocking value for all our operating teams.

Supporting our CEOs

Our core objective is to support our CEOs through from Day 1 to Exit.

Prior to Transacting

  • Support with Board Member strategy and selection
  • Develop the initial Value Creation Plan (VCP) enabling you to hit the ground running and lay the groundwork to achieve the investment thesis.
  • Day 1 Planning including the overall communication plan and stakeholder communications strategies (e.g., What messages should land with Employees, customers, vendors, etc.)

First 90 Days

  • Hands on support and templates to deliver your first Board of Director’s meeting
  • Work through NGP 100 Day plan checklist
  • Access and onboarding to the NGP Value Creation Planning Platform

First Year

  • Support and guidance on crafting strategic plans and associated budgets
  • Work with NGP to develop a robust set of financial controls
  • Developing leading and lagging KPIs

Years 2 to 5

  • Access to NGP best practices library
  • As your business grows support and guidance on Talent strategy and how to build, motivate and retain a winning team
  • If part of your investment thesis, support for determining integration readiness and developing Post-Merger integration plans

Years 5 to Exit

  • Exit planning in coordination with your Board of Directors
  • Maintaining relationships with potential strategic and financial buyers
  • Identifying and addressing factors that impact valuation multiples

Division of Responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer

  • Responsible for setting the strategic direction of the business
  • Hiring, motivating and retaining talent at all levels in the organization
  • Day-to-Day Operations

Portfolio Operations Team

  • Supporting Value Creation plan development and prioritization
  • Provide surge capacity at times of need
  • Serve as an advisor on select strategic and operational topics

Board of Directors

  • Provide guidance on the overall strategic direction of the business
  • Lend specific Industry and / or Functional Expertise

Example Project Engagements

Example #1: Geographic Growth Strategy

Developed model for assessing viability of expansion into new markets, given capital needs and opportunity size.

Example #3: Pricing Optimization

Assessed and analyzed pricing across existing customer base. Identified opportunities to augment customer level pricing and address unprofitable accounts.

Example #5: Budget and Strategic Plan

Developed a standardized budget and strategic planning process for all portfolio companies.

Example #2: Post-Merger Integration Project

After one of our companies acquired a competitor, Portfolio Ops worked with management to develop the post-merger integration plan, including Day 1 readiness and functional details.

Example #4: Employee Compensation Enhancement

Designed and implemented performance-based bonus program to align variable compensation with broader business objectives.

Example #6: Internal Controls

Partnered with all NGP portfolio companies to review and make recommendations for enhanced financial controls.

Curious about our transaction process?

The team at NextGen Growth Partners is committed to preserving legacies and crafting a bespoke transition. Through collaboration, we are determined to come to the best possible outcome for each business effectively and in a timely fashion.

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