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Entrepreneurial. Hands-on. Collaborative.

At NextGen, we’re all about growth. It’s in our name, it’s on our door—it’s at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we take a meticulous and hands-on approach towards driving growth and preserving legacies in companies in the lower middle-market.

Our ecosystem perpetuates excellence.

From EIRs to our investment committee, every member of the NGP network plays an important role in the success of our ecosystem. Within our ecosystem, we provide strategy, a multitude of innovative tools and resources, and access to our team of seasoned advisors. As a result of this infrastructure, we’re able to minimize risk, generate growth, and elevate our partnerships.

Investors CurrentOperators Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Advisors BusinessOwners Interns NGP Team


Our team of seasoned advisors provide EIRs and CEOs with invaluable experience and support in both the search and operating phases of their partnership with NGP.


EIRs are at the core of our strategy and process. EIRs are responsible for finding qualified prospects and eventually taking the CEO seat of the acquired business.

NGP Team

From deal sourcing and talent development to executing on a transaction or providing EIR/CEO mentorship, the core NGP team is the glue that holds it all together.

Current Operators

With the help and mentorship of the NGP team and advisors, our EIRs turned CEOs are responsible for the continued growth and professionalization of each of the businesses we acquire.


Our interns provide tremendous value while working alongside the entrepreneurs-in-residence through investment ideation, industry research, and deal evaluation.

Business Owners

Finding and partnering with business owners that have built great businesses and are looking to smoothly transition is critical to the NGP process.


Our valued investors provide flexible and committed capital, allowing us to seamlessly execute our mission while seeking outstanding risk-adjusted returns.

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Our process lays the foundation for measurable growth.

Partner with Premier Talent

Our comprehensive recruiting and vetting processes ensure that we’re seeking to partner with only the best and brightest entrepreneurs. In addition to career experience and success, we’re looking for individuals who demonstrate heart, hunger, hustle, and humility. As leaders and mentors, we prioritize coachability—in order to go far in your career, it’s vital to remain open to the mentorship and feedback of seasoned operators.

Thesis Development, Sourcing & Outreach

Industry thesis development is a collaboration between the EIRs and NGP team. It starts with group ideation and brainstorming—which industries are experiencing tailwinds? Which types of businesses within the industry are primed for growth? Is the industry concentrated in specific geographies and are these growing geographies?

An extensive scorecard is then completed for each potential industry to assess whether we should move forward on a deep dive in that space. A deep dive entails thorough research of the elected industry and its dynamics, including total addressable market, customer base, performance in historical economic downturns, and upturns—to name a few.

From there, the sourcing process begins by building lists of the hundreds of active businesses within the industry. Sourcing is then followed up by the EIR-led outreach process. Outreach is no small task—it’s finding the right fit for both the EIRs and NGP team and requires a total commitment by both parties.

Due Diligence & Deal Execution

Once we’ve found a business and initial conversations with the owner suggest it’s a good fit for a partnership, the diligence and underwriting begin. Alongside our service providers, we perform detailed business, financial, and legal diligence while the EIR is developing a deep, personal partnership with the seller.

The NGP deal team and EIR will then perform investment underwriting—what are the risks associated with acquiring the business, what are the mitigants to those risks, identifying opportunities for growth, establishing growth plans, and laying out how and when we can put those opportunities into action. Before the acquisition is completed it must receive approval from the NGP investment committee, which has been involved since the beginning ensuring no surprises when it comes time for approval.

Execute on Growth Plan

Upon acquisition, the EIR will take over the day-to-day operations of this business, typically as CEO. With the guidance and mentorship of the NGP team and advisor network, the EIR turned CEO will execute on the growth plan that was established during diligence. If the seller has rolled equity and remains involved in the business they too may be involved in the execution of the strategic growth of the business.

Success through operational synergy.

Our combined operating and investing experience allows us to provide business owners with liquidity and flexibility based on their desires and goals. It’s our goal to truly become a member of the team and commit to the long-term prosperity of the employees, customers, and other stakeholders of the business.

We give business owners the flexible and thoughtful exit they’ve earned.

We empower talented and hungry entrepreneurs to lead amazing companies in growing industries.

We seek to enhance the long-term value of every business we invest in.

We seek to deliver outstanding, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


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