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What do you hope to be?

A dynamic CEO? Strategic capital partner? Trusted advisor? Servant leader?

In 2015, our Founder, Brian O’Connor, was fresh off of exiting his own ETA journey. 

By every measure, it was a success, but he saw room for improvement in the process of finding the right opportunity, leading effectively, and navigating a timely exit. He knew that if he could leverage his network to create a community backed by resources and infrastructure, he could help others achieve their goals.

Brian set out to create a different kind of firm. A place where partnership was at the core, and the experience of working together would help others become better leaders and better people.

Nearly a decade later, NGP is that place. 

Whether you want to buy and operate a business, establish a succession plan, or invest your capital wisely, our aim is to help you be more of the person you hope to be. 

So, what’s next for you? Share your aspirations with us, and let’s explore how NGP can help you reach your goals. 

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