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Stephen Schiavone, a second year at the University of Michigan – Ross, is participating in our Winter 2024 cohort alongside EIR Drew Chiles in preparation for a future search.

Stephen Schiavone

University of Michigan Ross School of Business
MBA ’24

Can you describe your background and how it led to your pursuit of an internship at NGP?

I am a second year Weekend MBA at Michigan Ross, working full-time remotely as a Technology Consultant and attending class in Ann Arbor every other weekend.

I enjoy leading cross-functional teams in solving complex business problems, and I’ve always had an itch to become an entrepreneur. When I learned about Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition and how it relates to my skills and passions, I joined the Ross ETA club. One of our first guest lecturers was Ron Wexler from NGP and I was hooked. After that session, I dove in headfirst, committed to search post-MBA, and here we are today!

Can you tell us a bit about the work you’ve done so far, and any interesting learnings?

Drew Chiles, the EIR I have been working with, has tasked us with deal sourcing. It has been interesting to learn about how the different sourcing tools work, how to identify and use workarounds to find critical information and create a list of quality leads. He also has been showing us real IOIs/LOIs, and financial statement reviews.

The NGP Leadership team also facilitates sessions covering different ETA topics, which are very informational and engaging.

What is your team dynamic like?

Drew set the tone early with creating a balance between a personal, fun team environment and a hard-working serious mentality. We have weekly “dad jokes,” share our personal highs and lows for the week, but also are tasked with a workload that challenges us both individually and as a team.

What you have you most enjoyed thus far?

I learn best by doing. Before this internship, I understood the day-to-day of a searcher, but now that I am living it, I am learning the tactical ins-and-outs of how a searcher spends their day.

Any skills you’ve gained or unique takeaways? Pre-existing skills you’re building upon?

Similar to the “learning by doing” idea, I have improved my understanding of search / private equity terminology and concepts by seeing them in action. Another specific skill that I am improving upon is financial analysis of small businesses, rather than the large company exercises that we do in class or at work.

What stands out to you about NGP’s process that you’ve gotten to see first-hand?

NGP brings a straightforward structure and methodology to search, with the ability to work with a brilliant team to supplement that structure with a meaningful conversation. Without starting from scratch, you have a team to collaborate with in evaluating a wide variety of opportunities.

What do you envision yourself doing in the future, and how is interning with NGP building upon that?

I am planning on pursuing a career in ETA! This NGP internship is giving me a head start as I am learning how to search before I officially begin.

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