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Braeden Wilson


Braeden grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he spent much of his time outside of school either traveling the country for volleyball tournaments or working in small businesses owned by friends and family.

The money he saved helped pay for both college and a two-year mission he served for his church in Southern Texas, where he oversaw the service efforts of over 180 missionaries. Braeden’s experience had a significant impact on his perspective on servant leadership, influence, and grit.

Prior to joining NGP, Braeden worked at CONTI Capital, where he managed the acquisitions team that acquired over $500M of multifamily real estate in less than four years. He previously worked at Sudbury Capital Management as an analyst, evaluating investment opportunities in public equity and credit markets.

Braeden is a proud husband and father to Colbie (5) and Kennedy (3). He received his BS in Accounting from Brigham Young University and his MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

What we’re looking for

B2b Business Services

Revenues: $5-50M

EBITDA: $1.5-7M

Growth rate: 5%

Addressable Market: $1B+

Areas of Focus
Property Management Services

Mission Critical Equipment Service

Outsourced B2B Services in the Salt Lake City, UT Area

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