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Charlie Ponitz

Entrepreneur in Residence

Charlie grew up in a North Georgia town colloquially known as the “Carpet Capital.” Raised in an entrepreneurial family, dinner conversations typically centered around the flooring industry, which catalyzed his passion for niche businesses and family-owned enterprises.

Prior to joining NextGen, Charlie operated two ceramic manufacturing businesses as an associate at The Chesapeake Group. Through this experience, he demonstrated his ability to generate value in the lower-middle market.

For most of his career, Charlie worked at Deloitte Consulting, leading business transformation projects for clients ranging from $100M to $2B in revenue. His work spanned several industries, including manufacturing, retail, software, and B2B services.

Charlie is a firm believer in work-life alignment and spends his free time pursuing other passions, including tennis, skiing, live music, and watching college football. He is also an avid golfer with an interest in sports psychology and Stoicism.

Charlie received a BBA in Finance from the University of Georgia.

What we’re looking for

B2B Services

Revenue: $5-50M

EBITDA: $1.5-7M

Growth rate: 5%

Addressable Market: $1B+

Areas of Focus
Healthcare Business Services

IT Managed Services & Consulting


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