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Eduardo Rabionet, a first year at Chicago-Booth has been working alongside EIR Javier Gomez in preparation for a future in ETA.

Eduardo Rabionet

University of Chicago – Booth School of Business
MBA ’25

Can you describe your background and how it led to your pursuit of an internship at NGP?

I was raised by entrepreneurial-minded immigrant parents in South Florida, which is a region that uniquely attracts and values small businesses.  After studying civil engineering at the University of Florida and working within various structural engineering firms, I felt ready to make my move toward business leadership.  That decision led me to Chicago Booth, where I’ve had the opportunity to meet Brian, Jim, and the rest of the NGP team.

Can you tell us a bit about the work you’ve done so far, and any interesting learnings?

NGP has afforded me both academic and practical exposure to ETA and PE.  Their educational programming has included weekly readings, Lunch & Learns with executives, and a financial modeling course.  Separately, I support an EIR in his day-to-day tasks as a searcher.  I’ve been able to reinforce my learnings first-hand through search universe investigations, industry deep dives, and financial analysis of target companies.

What is your team dynamic like?

My team consists of six interns supporting Javier Gomez, an EIR.  Two of the interns are MBA students, including myself, who report to Javier directly.  The remaining four interns are undergraduates who report to the MBA students, two to each MBA respectively.

The dynamic has been both supportive and motivating.  The undergrads have supported me by tackling sourcing and market research tasks.  I’ve been able to provide personalized feedback on their work and offer networking opportunities aligning with their future professional goals.  Working with Frank to directly support Javier has provided us with our best look yet into what life as a searcher entails.

What have you most enjoyed thus far?

It’s been great to contribute in a meaningful capacity to Javier’s search.  During my first week, I generated an Indication of Interest (IOI) letter that resulted in a direct invite for Javier to attend that company’s next board meeting.  Over the next few days, I helped Javier curate the deck he presented to the potential seller.

Any skills you’ve gained or unique takeaways? Pre-existing skills you’re building upon?

I’ve learned the financial, organizational, and industry characteristics NGP evaluates when scrutinizing potential target companies.  As I look ahead, I know I’ll be employing aspects of this proven framework to sharpen my own investment thesis.

What stands out to you about NGP’s process that you’ve gotten to see first-hand?

Attention to detail.  The precision within their red-flag checklists and other templated documents stands out to me.  The specialized infrastructure NGP has established plays a large role in its ability to consistently find the right individuals and businesses.

What do you envision yourself doing in the future, and how is interning with NGP building upon that?

I intend to search for and acquire a small business post-MBA.  Eventually, I hope to invest in Hispanic searchers.  NGP shares my belief that unlocking the value within more small businesses will create more wealth-building opportunities for the next generation.  I look forward to working alongside them, leveraging tactical and technical resources to empower future entrepreneurs.

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