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Juan Carlos is currently pursuing his JD/MBA at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. This term, he has worked with EIR Brian Corbat.

Juan Carlos Pacheco

University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School

Tell us a bit about your background, and what drew you to interning at NGP.

I am a 4th-year JD/MBA at the University of North Carolina School of Law & Kenan-Flagler Business School. Prior to graduate school, I spent five years in Catholic seminary and I worked for two additional years as the Director of Service & Justice at the UNC Newman Center. I have five siblings and I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy golfing, horticulture, Latin dancing, and spending time in nature.

My reason for choosing NGP was twofold. First, I am passionate about entrepreneurship and NGP’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence program is extremely attractive to me. I wanted the opportunity to get firsthand experience as to what EIR’s at NGP do and how they are supported throughout their search. Second, I was drawn to NGP’s vision of being founded on partnership. Specifically, I was drawn to the collaborative dynamic that exists between the NGP Team, EIRs, and business owners.

What have you been working on so far? What’s been most interesting?

I have been involved with a wide-spectrum of work under EIR, Brian Corbat. The first part of my internship involved deep dives into particular niche industries that fit the required investment criteria for Brian and NGP. Recently, Brian went under LOI and we switched into live deal mode. This aspect of the internship has been the most interesting and exciting because we get to do deep due diligence on a particular company, explore potential opportunities for value creation, and learn about private equity acquisition strategy.

Can you describe your team dynamic and culture?

The team dynamic has been very interesting. I’ve enjoyed the fast-paced dynamic and strategic decision-making process of working under an EIR. I currently manage three undergraduate interns who are located in different time zones than myself and, as we’ve progressed throughout the internship, our team is learning to balance busy school schedules, mideterm exams, and growth in professionalism. I have been impressed with my team’s willingness to learn and dedication to professional growth.

In your mind, what are the benefits of working alongside an EIR?

Working alongside an EIR provides many benefits. The EIR sits at the heart of NGP’s mission and must juggle multiple projects at a time. This gives interns a 30,000ft view of private equity investing, while also providing ground level experience in the search process. Joining the EIR in this work also exposes interns to the dynamism of entrepreneurship and pushes us to develop a set of entrepreneurial skills that can be applied in many different career paths. Additionally, working with the EIR provides interns with firsthand experience in identifying valuable target companies and exposes interns to invaluable live deal experience

Are there any unique skillsets you’re developing, or instances of professional growth?

Yes. I am learning how to successfully run and lead a private equity search for acquiring a company. Within this process, I am also learning how to value particular industries and identify opportunities for value creation within niche industries. In terms of professional growth, I am learning how to manage unpaid, undergraduate interns and how to hold them to a high standard of performance. While my natural approach is to trust that my team will turn in good work, I’ve learned the importance of being firm in the expectations I have for my team.

What do you envision yourself doing in the future, whether related to NGP’s model or not?

In the future, I envision myself leading a career as a serial CEO. After graduation in May 2023, I plan to pursue entrepreneurship through acquisition. I am currently exploring ETA opportunities throughout the country and under differing models. As a JD/MBA, I am particularly interested in finding and leading a company that serves the legal industry. As a former Catholic seminarian, I am also looking into outsourced services surrounding non-profit organizations and religious institutions. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know various members of the NGP team and I look forward to exploring NGP’s EIR program as the opportunity presents itself.

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