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Trey Pfeiffer, currently pursuing his MBA at Chicago – Booth, is working alongside EIR Adam Philpot this Spring.

Trey Pfeiffer

University of Chicago – Booth School of Business
MBA ’24

Can you describe your background and how it led to your pursuit of an internship at NGP?

I am currently getting my MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, graduating this June. My background is in product management, engineering, and R&D in the medical device industry, and I decided to pursue an internship at NGP after listening to Brian talk about ETA during one of my classes at Booth. The model seemed very interesting and the internship seemed like a great learning opportunity!

Can you tell us a bit about the work you’ve done so far, and any interesting learnings?

So far I have been involved in many different aspects of search including searching for companies, assisting with diligence, analyzing CIMs, and developing theses. Developing theses has been especially interesting as it has been very insightful to think about different industries and the dynamics that would make it a good opportunity for ETA. Also learning how to do thoughtful diligence with a company under LOI has been a great learning experience.

What is your team dynamic like?

Our team is very small and only has MBAs which has made for a very close team. We meet often and spend a lot of time discussing opportunities, sharing thoughts, and learning from each other.

What you have you most enjoyed thus far?

I have really enjoyed all of the resources NGP provides including weekly readings, modeling tips, analysis templates, and search tools. Within a few short weeks I felt like I was able to really get up to speed on how to do ETA efficiently.

Any skills you’ve gained or unique takeaways? Pre-existing skills you’re building upon?

I’ve developed many skills. Learning about how to think about ETA investment opportunities from experienced professionals has been the most helpful. I have also been able to refine my industry analysis, thesis building, and financial analysis/diligence skills. It has also been great to efficiently learn to use tools used in ETA such as Grata, ZoomInfo, etc.

What stands out to you about NGP’s process that you’ve gotten to see first-hand?

The structure that NGP provides interns and EIRs is what has stood out the most thus far. NGP goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is set up for success and able to not only find the right investment opportunity, but to operate it well.

What do you envision yourself doing in the future, and how is interning with NGP building upon that?

In the future I will be starting a role in corporate development in the medical device space. I will really be able to leverage the skills I have developed in searching, industry analysis, thesis building, and diligence.

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